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Software development consists of programmers and teams of individuals focused specifically on developing computer programs also called applications, which allows a computer to perform specific tasks. MS Word processes the creation of text documents such as the one you are reading. This software is not suitable for use in layout graphic designing. For those tasks you would use different software such as Adobe or MS Front Page.

Software Developer Each software application coordinates with computer hardware to run the necessary services for the applications. Software developers are involved in the process of creating the software application products by writing what is called ‘code’.

A software developer is typically involved in coordinating all phases of project. Software design is a process of problem solving and planning for a software solution. Software design may be platform-independent or platform-specific, depending on the availability of the technology called for by the design. Software development is an umbrella term for variety types of applications and their uses.

Some of the most common software development works with

  • Functional Languages as C, Perl, Python, Ada, Pascal, PHP
  • Object Oriented Languages like C++, Java, Java Script, Small Talk
  • Databases like Oracle, MSSQL Server, MySQL, etc.
  • Mobile software applications

Software developers are the brains behind products such as Firefox, MySpace, YouTube and Windows Media Player. Development may include new software applications, upgrade modification, and maintenance patches. Software development is all about delivering value to customers and solving computer user problems while creating new methods of efficiency.

The biggest challenge with mobile (cell phones / laptops) application development is to create the right data model for mobile applications before starting a new software development. Often an appropriate data model for a simple mobile application is not the appropriate data model once you start adding features in future versions.

Software developers provide technical specification, design and development of new software components and contribute to the leadership of new ideas. The problem with software development is that every new feature of a software application may not have previous experience to draw from. Companies are looking to showcase new applications and upgraded versions with new, better and more efficient features that entice a consumer. The ever-present question is always “why would a consumer buy it?” Thus the software developer and its teammates are constantly trying to outdo themselves or the competition.

Qualifications required: An employer would prefer a software developer to hold an engineering degree which can be in any field, but if he is from a computer science background it will be a plus point. It can be noted here that there are no specific academic criteria for software developers. Sooner or later, these engineers may proceed to become project managers, business analysts, managers of information systems, or chief information officers.

Careers for computer software developers are expected to grow rapidly. Employers will need computer professionals with strong development and business skills since most companies want to computerize their business activities. Internet technologies and the growth of e-commerce have resulted in the rising demand for computer software developers.



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