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Your Privacy is Important to Us.

At Career Opportunities, your privacy is our chief concern. We understand that you entrust us with your private information to help us match you with a school or training program that can meet your needs. In exchange for your trust, you expect and deserve our commitment to treat your information with respect. Rest assured that we protect your privacy. Under no circumstances will Career Opportunities sell or share any personal information about you to or with any person or organization except: as authorized by you, to participating schools, training programs, or educational institutions as specified by you.

Based on the information you supplied us, we've queried our database with other partner schools that match your educational needs. By requesting additional information you hereby agree and understand that additional Career Opportunities partner schools that meet your criteria may contact you by sending you informational packets in the mail, by email, or by phone. In the future, Career Opportunities may also contact you via email regarding new offers to assist you with your educational needs.

Should you feel that this Privacy Policy has been violated please click on Contact Us and express your concern.

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