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Veterinary Physical Therapists

Career Highlights

  • Have a passion for animals
  • Dedicated to helping pets and animals
  • High range of career options

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Career Summary

Veterinarian With A DogThe bond between a human and their beloved animal is immensely strong. It is estimated that a total of $38.4 billion will be spent on pet related expenses and Veterinary services make take $9.4 billion of those expenses. Veterinary Physical Therapists care for livestock, zoo animals, athletic sporting animals and laboratory animals. They work with traditional veterinary services and medicine to ensure animals recovers or to prevent injuries.

It is also the responsibility of both Veterinary Physical Therapists to identify behavioral patterns in animals and apply techniques to improve mental, social and physical issues within humans through animal/human.

Animal assisted therapy involves much more than just the animal. A career as Veterinary Physical Therapists or Animal Assisted Therapist improves the quality of life for both animals and people. No matter what area a person chooses, the benefits are astounding and Physical Therapists and Animal Assisted Therapists go home every night knowing they placed anther puzzle piece to create a happier life for their clients.

If you have a passion for working with the furry, fluffy or even feather friends or scaly ones, your options are as varied as a televised Dog Show.




A degree in physical therapy and animal Veterinary Services.

Career Skills

  • Animal to Human Education
  • Orthopedic Rehabilitation - Massage
  • Neurological Rehabilitation - Biomechanics
  • Cardio Respiratory Rehabilitation - Clinical Psychology and Treatment
  • Geriatric Rehabilitation - Relevant Pharmacology
  • Pediatric Rehabilitation - Acupuncture, Acupressure, Yoga (basics)
  • Medical/Surgical Rehabilitation - Physical Therapy in Veterinary Science
  • Community-based Rehabilitation - English (highest mark in the university)
  • Exercise Therapy (including Hydrotherapy) - Clinical Seminar
  • Electro Therapy (low, medium, and high frequency)

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