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Travel Nurse

Career Highlights

  • One of the most well-paid types of nurses
  • Explore different cities nationwide
  • Help in hospitals where help is needed

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Career Summary

Travel nurses are registered nurses who take travel assignments. In other words, they work temporary assignments, usually around three months at a time, in different cities around the country or sometimes worldwide.

The entire country is experiencing a nurse shortage, but in regions where nurses are especially sparse, hospitals bring in RNs from other areas. These nurses usually work with a recruiter who communicates with hospitals in order to place nurses where they are needed. An RN may decide to go into travel nursing in order to see the world, because the pay is significantly higher than most other nursing professions, or simply because they want to be where help is needed the most.

Travel nurses can hold any specialty an RN can hold, including:

  • Operating Room
  • Emergency Room
  • Intensive Care
  • Post-Anesthesia
  • Labor and Delivery
  • Postpartum Care

With the nationwide nursing shortage, travel nursing is one way the need for experienced patient care is being relieved across the country.




BSN Degree

Career Skills

Nursing experience

Patient care

Flexibility in new environments

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