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Sports Manager

Career Highlights

  • Intensely competitive
  • Opportunities expected to increase
  • Sports & Management

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Career Summary

Becoming a sports manager is often a dream job for those who love sports. Those who want to be part of the sports world but may not have the extra bit needed to be a lifetime athlete major in management and marketing, so that they will be prepared for this fast-paced, complicated career. Though oftentimes this career is competitive, there are few jobs that offer access to the exciting world of sports, management and celebrity lifestyles.

A sports manager has choices in where he or she would like to work. This includes representing agents, working in public relations, and becoming a sports scout for a sport management agency. Being a sports manager requires excellent verbal and written skills, the ability to make deals between sports teams and players that will benefit both sides, and being able to see talent on the court or the field. But being a sports manager is a lot more than just being able to see talent.

Sports managers must have an understanding of how to function within the sports world. This includes all the guidelines, policies, rules and ethical practice. Not only does a sports managers negotiate a salary for the player but they often become a parental figure for young athletes. They oversee training, living arrangements and public appearances, and are involved with any and all legal matters for their client. They retain players by getting them better salaries and help them promote their name in the sports arena and into homes across America and internationally.

The life of a sports manager is hectic and fast paced, and there are no set work hours. But if you love sports and want to be part of a never-ending industry, then sports management may just be the right ticket for your career.



Salary for a Sports Manager is usually a base wage plus commission.


This career requires a degree in:

  • Sports Management
  • Marketing
  • Business Management

Career Skills

  • Negotiating
  • Political instincts
  • Management
  • Communications
  • Marketing

Additional Information

American Management Association
1601 Broadway
New York, NY 10019



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*Salary ranges based on location, experience, and demand. This number represents a rough nation-wide average.