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Special Event Coordinator

Career Highlights

  • Manage planning & To Do lists
  • Networking is especially important
  • Travel to events
  • Career advancement opportunities
  • Talk to a variety of people

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Career Summary

A special event coordinator must be able to organize to-do lists, manage planning and remain calm in the face of difficulties. They are good negotiators and act as spokesperson, representing the company to all other behind-the-scenes businesses prior to the show. They are the most important aspect of each event.

When it comes to ordering flowers, hiring talent, purchasing booth displays and ordering necessities, a special event coordinator must be able to get the best service and product for the lowest price. This is where networking is especially important. Establishing good connections will help ensure that you get great prices and impossible deals / unobtainable products. Handling someone else's money and reputation requires that you be adept at handling finances, be a great communicator and be very well organized. This may include determining site availability and layout, managing time schedules, organizing public relations and developing an overall business strategy for the events.

Successful special event coordinators may work on several projects at once, and may have to travel to specific event sites. They must be able motivate booth staff, work extended, non-traditional hours when necessary, and must be able to work under pressure while maintaining a professional image.

Special event coordinators have a variety of different career advancement opportunities. They can move into special events planning for Universities and professional organization ceremonies or assist in larger event activities such as government sponsored events for city festivals. In addition, special event coordinator careers are ideal career ladder steps to Special Events Director and Marketing Management.




Requires a degree in:

  • Business Administration Management
  • Marketing
  • Tourism Management

Career Skills

  • Successful Inventory & ‘To Do’ Lists
  • Written & Verbal Communication
  • Excellent Organizational Skills
  • Project Management
  • Public Relations

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