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Social Service Worker

Career Highlights

  • Administer community services.
  • Advise and aid clients.
  • Implement life skills.

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Career Summary

Social Service WorkerSocial Workers assist clients to deal with personal and social problems and employed by social service, government agencies, group homes, correctional facilities and as well as other establishments.

Social Service Workers interview clients to obtain their case histories and other background information. They prepare intake reports, assess their clients and investigate their eligibility for social benefits. If necessary, they will refer their clients to other social services.

Social Service Workers advise and aid recipients of social assistance and pensions. They counsel and provide assistance to clients living in group homes and half way houses and supervise their activities. They also provide crisis intervention and emergency shelter services.

These workers implement life skills workshops, substance abuse treatment programs, youth services programs and other community and social service programs.




  • Degree in Social Services

Career Skills

Depending on your job industry the following is a list of potential skills and responsibilities.

  • Addictions Counselor
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Mental Health Relations
  • Financial Assistance Coordinator
  • Welfare & compensation activities
  • Community Development
  • Life Skills Instruction
  • Family Reconciling
  • Veterans Services
  • Youth Services

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