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Senior Software Engineer

Career Highlights

  • Projected to be one of the fastest growing occupations over the 2004-14 period.
  • Work is different everyday
  • Work with both clients, individually or with teams

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Career Summary

A software engineer takes the requirement of the software from the customer, analyzes it, designs the software layout and does programming and then tests and installs the software. There are some software engineers who only design, some only write codes, some only test the software, some only assure quality.

However in general aTechnical, Management, Programming software engineer works to produce new computer software programs that assist various industries, consumers and businesses get what they want from their computer systems. A software engineer must have excellent listening skills and ask questions to clarify what the software should have and be. The next step is to logically plan and write a computer program that will meet the client or consumerís needs.

Software engineers work both individually and on various computer programming teams. They often spend long hours writing a program or code to get the program to do what is required. Much of the software engineer's time is spent troubleshooting code and trying to get them to work according to the software design plans. Testing and verifying the accuracy of the various software programs developed is also a large part of the software engineer's job. Than again, some companies have an entirely separate department for quality assurance and testing.

Some Day To Day Responsibilities From Different Types of Senior Software Engineers:

  • Meeting with clients to determine what software is required or what modifications to existing software are needed.
  • Testing and validating software and networking hardware to ensure that the program works correctly under all variables and conditions.
  • Working directly with clients and Sales Associates in regards to new software designs.
  • Maintaining and improving RSS crawling and parsing processes
  • Implement new functionality
  • Develop tools and utilities to track progress and provide statistics
  • Write architect large software systems with detailed documentation
  • Knowledge of Apache internals

Software engineers are expected to be among the top three fastest growing occupations in the next seven years and they are one of the top 20 in a number of new jobs, reflecting the growth of the Internet, corporate intranets, the burgeoning of World Wide Web applications, and the increasing demand for end-user support.




Requires a degree in:

  • Computer Engineering
  • Computer Science

Career Skills

  • Can work on specific details for hours at a time
  • Embedded real-time software development
  • Knowledge of hardware/software analysis tools
  • C/C++ programming languages
  • Understand HTTP protocols and streaming media protocols.

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