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Security Systems Engineer

Career Highlights

  • Designs systems for computer security
  • Prevent viruses, hackers and other potential threats
  • Developing cost estimates for new systems
  • Can work as a consultant

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Career Summary

Security engineering is developing detailed designs for computer security systems. Security engineering is similar to systems engineering in that its goal is to make a system as secure as possible preventing viruses, hackers and any other potential threats that could damage or steal company information.

A security systems engineer designs systems and networks based on company needed requirements and specifications for communications and security applications. This includes developing cost estimates for these systems and networks including; equipment costs, material costs, and installation costs.

Most security systems engineers work on a team and are assigned to a project where each engineer is responsible for a specific task. As a group they evaluate the current system and itís security needs, than design a system that will meet and surpass the current security needs and coordinate meetings with the clients or upper management.

When security systems engineers work as a consultant itís important that they be able to write convincing proposals to describe designs in response to customer requirements. However some consultants may be hired to perform verification testing on new and or existing systems, integrate them with existing equipment and systems.

Security systems engineers work with the business development departments to market the services of the company, develop new markets, meet with customers, and make effective presentations as requested.




Requires a degree in:

  • Computer Science
  • Web Security
  • Engineering

Career Skills

  • Video management systems
  • Intrusion detection
  • Knowledge of analog and digital systems
  • Good verbal communication
  • Proposal development

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