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Robot Programmer

Career Highlights

  • #2 on CNN Money online list of ‘The new careers’
  • Not an assembly line machine
  • Programming for the future
  • Customize robots for specific tasks

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Career Summary

Robotic technology once referred to the machines that were used in the auto industry on an assembly line. However, as technology has progressed, it can no longer be confined to simply assembly work. Robot machines have become beloved household pets, analyze blood samples and assist hospital patients.

Robot ProgrammerNew robot program innovations include robots with vision systems and machine intelligence that reads labels in order to accurately pick the necessary part from nearby containers. Robot automation can reduce time and costs while improving quality and efficiency. However robot programmers are needed to create and tell the robots what their jobs is - how to do the job.

While robot programmers are needed to program the robots, they are also needed in configuring existing computer systems integration with robotic technology. This often requires the programmer to do a lot of traveling and initial set up work. But it’s not always about big huge machines making other machines that make things such as car accessories. Robot programmers are an umbrella term for a variety of necessities and life easing luxuries.

Entering the field of robot programming first requires an interest in both robotics and programming. An education is the first direction to go. Most robot programmers need a degree in either computer science, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, mathematics, or something similar. Because this career is very detailed oriented, and making mistakes can have serious consequences, most robot programmers work in groups.

Robot programming is a new career in an emerging world of innovative technology advances that is still in its infancy. Robot programmers are very much in demand and while robotic technology will indeed push forward to meet the demands of a technological future, the next five years of robotic technology will continue to question, “how can this be done better, safer or more efficient”?




Requires a degree in:

  • Robotics Technology
  • Computer Programming
  • Computer Engineering

Career Skills

  • Abb
  • Mig Robots
  • Fanuc Programming
  • Teach Pendant
  • Fanuc Robotics
  • Client communications
  • Create and verify automated processes

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