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Quality Assurance Engineer

Career Highlights

  • Solve problems and unravel challeneges.
  • Be one of the first to see new products.
  • Have a part in product development.

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Career Summary

Quality assurance engineers have a lot of responsibilities. They are responsible for assuring that all products leaving the manufacturing agency and or the company shipping department are working with no defects or cosmetic damage. They're days can be anything from routine to chaotic depending whether or not a new product is being introduced to consumers or a regular line of products is routinely being shipped out on a regular schedule. However even regular routines have problems. When this happens it is up to the quality assurance engineer to find quick solutions to problems and get products shipped out in tip top condition.

A quality assurance engineer verifies the accuracy or performance of a product as well as troubleshooting the correction of any problems. This can also include verifying the information that the item provides in packaging such as a manual or software instructions.

Depending on the company and the position, a quality assurance engineer can wear many hats. They may be a tester performing the last tests prior to being shipped to clients and customers. This means they need to be able to think of how consumers may use the product incorrectly. Thinking of how a customer could use it incorrectly and providing clear instructions to avoid these problems is important in avoiding liability and other legal issues.

A quality assurance engineer may also be required to give feedback on the "user-friendly" or user unfriendly aspects of a product. This could include providing ideas for modifications and improvements.

Depending on the product a quality assurance engineer may work in a variety of different settings. From toys to electronic gadgets to pre-packaged food products all products use a form of quality assurance. A quality assurance engineer must have creativity, an understanding of the product and the consumers and the goals of the company selling item.

Common career activities include:

  • Discussing new products to be tested
  • Testing and assessing the effectiveness, accuracy, safety and potential mis-use of new products
  • Recording results and comparing results from various tests
  • Troubleshooting errors, inaccuracies or malfunctions of a product

The 3 most important keys to this career are:

  1. Effective communication skills
  2. The ability to work as part of the team
  3. Problem solving and creative thinking in testing products




Requires a degree in one of the following:

  • Human Resources
  • Information Processing
  • Business Administration Management

Career Skills

  • Execute test planning
  • Document errors and software bugs
  • Effectively identify defects
  • Work successfully with developers
  • Detail oriented

Additional Information

American Society for Quality

600 North Plankinton Ave.

Milwaukee, WI 53203.



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