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Public Relation Representative

Career Highlights

  • Improve company public image
  • Conduct research
  • Planning news conferences

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Career Summary

Businesses both small and large depend on the success of their public relation relations. It is how the public perceives the company in which how well a company will do financially. However they also work for city communities, governmental departments, consumer groups, and media outlets. Some public relation representatives work in conflict mediation; interest-group representation and employee relations.

Public relation representatives advise the organization on appropriate policies that will be serve the public well. They organize public relations programs, media events and news conferences on behalf of the company’s they represent.

Public relations include both informing the public about the company’s activities and understanding the sensitivity and concerns of various groups and or community neighborhood in order to form an agreeable bond for both parties. They form relationships with community, labor unions, and other interest groups in order to establish effective communications.

Anther career opportunity for a public relation representative is that of a media specialist who write press releases for news sources such as television stations and newspaper reporters.

Larger organizations may have public relations executives who oversee all of the organization’s media strategies. They supervise departments such as the public affairs departments who often have employees who research and prepare documents in response to public inquiries. Public relation work revolves around planning and coordinating the clients’ public appearances. They often make radio and TV appearances on behalf of their employer and or clients delivering a particular message that they hope will alter or bolster public opinion.

Public relations can be difficult because they sometimes find it difficult to convince their employer or client that they have to change strategy to gain the trust of the public. On the other hand, public relations work can be exciting, since it often requires travel and attending at public events.

A lot of public relations representatives specialize in working with certain types of clients, such as political candidates, manufactory corporations or non-profit organizations. In addition, they are also expected to specialize in certain topics, such as food and nutrition, consumer communications or healthcare.




Requires a degree in:

  • Advertising / Marketing
  • Behavioral Sciences
  • Psychology

Career Skills

  • Communications
  • Research
  • Creativity
  • Problem-Solving
  • Crisis Management

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