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Career Highlights

  • Excellent career opportunities are
  • Counseling patients on medication
  • Advance into drug research

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Career Summary

Pharmacists dispense medicine prescribed by physicians and health practitioners. They also inform his or her customers about the purpose, hazards, and side effects of any drug he or she is going to take.

It is an increasing part of the pharmacist’s job to be actively involved with patients, referring patients to appropriate over-the counter drugs, and advising physicians on the proper selection and use of medications.

Community pharmacists may also take on the responsibilities of running a department or even a business, such as buying and selling non pharmaceutical merchandise, hiring and supervising personnel and pharmacy technicians, and overseeing much of the day-to-day operation of the pharmacy itself.

Pharmacists who are employed by hospitals such as clinics work as consultants to the medical team. They make help make decisions in the emergency room and in surgical procedures, purchase medical supplies, instruct interns, and perform administrative duties. Some pharmacists in hospitals continue their education and conduct research into new medicines and areas of drug therapy.




This career requires a degree in:

  • Pharmacy

Career Skills

  • Memorization
  • Attention to detail
  • Strong math skills
  • Science skills
  • Drug knowledge & assessment
  • Good with customers
  • Supervising others
  • Computer literacy
  • Teaching / informing customers how to take medication

Additional Information

National Community Pharmacists Association
100 Daingerfield Road
Alexandria, VA 22314



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