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Paralegal Nurse

Career Highlights

  • Medical and paralegal skills and knowledge
  • Nursing paralegals are specilized paralegals who generally earn more
  • Assist lawyers in medical related cases

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Career Summary

nurse paralegalLaw firms, insurance companies, HMOs, medical journals, and government agencies all hire nurse paralegals. Their work can include cases that involve areas of personal injury, worker compensation, insurance defense, and medical malpractice. Nurse paralegals may interview clients, witnesses and experts in a particular field. In addition a nurse paralegals will perform legal research, prepare legal documents, and assist with medical records. Because of their medical experience and skills, nurse paralegals usually start at a slightly higher salary than most other paralegals.

Nurses increasingly are using their medical knowledge to assist the legal community in criminal and civil matters as nurse lawyers, nurse paralegals, legal nurse consultants and forensic nurses. A nurse paralegal can assist a lawyer in interpreting and understanding medical issues and may draft pleadings, conduct legal research and handle other legal issues that someone not trained as a paralegal would not be able to handle.

In contrast to a nurse paralegal, a legal nurse consultant is someone who has worked as a nurse for several years and is now working as a consultant, usually employed only for a short time. Nurse paralegals are usually hired for full-time work. A nurse paralegal is someone with both the medical and paralegal skills and knowledge.




Requires a degree in:

  • RN or BSN in Nursing
  • Medical or Nursing Assisting
  • Paralegal
  • Paralegal Nursing

Career Skills

  • Attorney, client and resource communications
  • Provide legal advice
  • Court appearances
  • Set and collect fees for legal services

Additional Information



  1. RN BS Health Management

    15 years if home health last 10 years in management

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*Salary ranges based on location, experience, and demand. This number represents a rough nation-wide average.