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Career Highlights

  • Search for legal documents
  • Assist lawyers
  • Use of paralegals decreased cost of legal services

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Career Summary

In today's society, the law reaches into almost every corner of our lives. Paralegals search for legal documents to investigate facts about law cases, to determine causes of action and to help prepare cases. They prepare affidavits of documents and maintain document files and case correspondence. Paralegal research and analyze law sources to prepare drafts of arguments for review, approval, and use by attorney.

Other paralegal responsibilities include reviewing and filing pleadings, petitions and other documents relevant to court actions, delivering or scheduling delivery of subpoenas to witnesses and parties to action, serving copies of pleas to opposing counsel, arranging transportation and accommodation for witnesses if required, communicating and arbitrating disputes between parties, storing cataloging and maintaining currency of legal volumes, preparing closing statements and assisting in the closing process.

The increased use of paralegals nationwide has slowed the rising cost of legal services, and serves in some small measure (in combination with contingency fees and insurance) to keep the cost of legal services within the reach of the regular population. While paralegals work closely with cases, they are limited in their duties and must be supervised by a lawyer, who will be ultimately responsible for the paralegal's work.

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Requires a degree in:

  • Paralegal

Career Skills

  • Criminal Justice
  • Criminology
  • Law History
  • Office Administration

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