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Museum Education Specialist

Career Highlights

  • Must love to learn
  • Great oral and written communication skills
  • Experience the joy of teaching

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Career Summary

There is not one single definition of a museum education specialist because each museum is different and has a different theme or atmosphere. Museum education specialist are similar to managers in that it is difficult to describe all of the job skillsets. However, in general, they develop and implement educational programs and interactive activities for museum visitors.

A museum education specialist at an aquarium dives into marine science with visitors of all ages as they teach visitors about life in the oceans. This may consist of a lecture, a tour, and actual underwater examples of each animal. A museum education specialist at a national art gallery will have the goal of helping visitors understand the current exhibitions and collections. This would include the history of the exhibit and knowledge of each item on display.

Museum education specialists must love to constantly learn and develop varieties of lessons to present to visitors. In addition to creating educational activities and services in the museum, these education specialists create and distribute educational materials, tour guides and publications and may be responsible for conducting staff training sessions.

Museum educators encourage and coordinate research, development educational programs, and participate in educational outreach programs. They also serve as a valuable resource to state superintendents of schools, and curriculum supervisors.




Requires a degree in:

  • Education

Career Skills

  • Training Volunteers
  • Writing
  • Budget Preparation
  • Problem Solving
  • Grant Writing
  • Planning
  • Achieving Goals
  • Lead & Direct
  • Program Creativity
  • Research

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