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Logistics Distribution Manager

Career Highlights

  • Ship and track freight across the US.
  • Work with customs brokers and trucking lines
  • Make sure freight arrives on time

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Career Summary

Logistics and DistributionLogistics and Distribution Management is the second largest employment sector in the United States is much more than just freight trucking services and supervision. Logistics and Distribution Managers are responsible for replenishing stocks to stores, forecasting expected unit sales to ensure stores have right amount of products available to customers at the right time, track supplier service levels and act as liaison between clients and suppliers to optimize efficiency. In addition, Logistics & Distribution Managers are responsible for the scheduling and ensuring appropriate equipment, parts and documentation is onsite and up to date.

Warehousing and storage facilities comprised 13,000 establishments in 2004. Logistics managers are in such great demand that both U.S. News and World Report Career Guide and Working Woman magazine have cited logistics as a hot career track.




A Bachelors Degree in Business Studies with Logistics emphasis

Career Skills

  • Purchasing
  • Transporting
  • Production
  • Warehouse Systems Analyst
  • Road Transporting
  • Freight forwarding
  • Rail operations
  • Transportation planning
  • Managing inventories.
  • Communication
  • Analyzing
  • Organizing
  • Computing

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