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Electric Line Installer

Career Highlights

  • Installs electrical power lines and communication cables
  • Thorough trade industry knowledge
  • Work with new technologies such as fiber optics

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Career Summary

Line Installer HardwareElectrical line installers repair, install and maintain the vast networks of electrical power lines that deliver electricity from generating plants to customers. Line installers play a vital role in the backbone of modern communication networks of telephone and cable television lines provide voice, video, and other communications services.

Working with electrical power lines and telecommunications lines requires knowledge and training in specialized hardware such as fiber optics, telecommunications switches and routers. After the initial construction of cables and power lines is complete, line installers string cable along the poles, towers, tunnels, and trenches.

Other installation duties include setting up service for customers and installing network equipment. They also install wiring to houses and check the connection for proper voltage readings. Telephone and cable television line installers mount amplifiers and repeaters that maintain the strength of communications transmissions. Installers for electrical power-lines install and replace transformers, circuit breakers, switches, fuses, and other equipment to control and direct the electrical current.

Communications networks are transitioning to fiber optic cables instead of conventional wire or metal cables. These cables carry much more information at higher speeds than conventional cables. More newly constructed buildings are being wired with fiber optic lines so the work of a line installer is very detailed and complex.

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Requires a degree in:

  • Telecommunications Equipment Installer
  • Installation and Repair Technology.

Career Skills

  • Installation
  • Repairing
  • Quality Control
  • Analysis Telecommunications
  • Computers & Electronics
  • Engineering & Technology
  • Mechanical Mathematics
  • Customer & Personal Service

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