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Legal Secretary

Career Highlights

  • Specialize in legal procedures
  • Highly valuable team member
  • Organizes & maintains legal references
  • Variety of law topics

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Career Summary

Legal secretaries are responsible for a variety of secretarial duties but specialize in legal terminology and procedures. They prepare legal papers and correspondence, track and follow up with summonses, motions, and subpoenas and often assist with legal research.

Administrative computerization and organizational structuring continue to make secretaries a highly valuable team member. Computers and the specialized software allow lawyers to focus on the detailed facts and figures that are often organized, sorted and researched by legal secretaries.

Computers, online searches and communications in addition to scanners, voice message systems and visual communications assist secretaries in accomplishing more in the same amount of time and much more easily.

Example of legal secretaries responsibilities:

  • Makes photocopies of legal correspondence, documents, and other printed materials.
  • Manage schedules and appointments.
  • Review legal publications for industry reports
  • Researches databases in search of laws and court decisions relevant to pending cases.
  • Organizes, updates and maintains law / legal reference libraries and case files.
  • Completes various forms, such as trial and courtroom requests, and applications for clients.
  • Assists attorneys in collecting relevant information such as employment and medical records.

Lastly, legal secretaries often attend a variety of legal meetings. This often includes client interviews, preliminary hearings, or depositions. Often it is the legal secretary’s responsibility to record accurate notes that will later be included in case files and documentation.

Since attorneys specialize in one or two legal classification such as bankruptcy, divorce and employment law, each attorney will require their legal sectary to know the specialization as she / he knows it. A general wide knowledge of law topics can assist in a career.




Requires a degree in:

  • Legal Secretary
  • Legal Administrative Secretary
  • Legal Executive Assistant

Career Skills

  • Computer software operations
  • Administrative Activities
  • Research
  • Client Communications
  • Maintain legal forms and files

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