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Legal Nurse Consultant

Career Highlights

  • Great career change for nurses
  • Work from home as needed
  • Legal nurses are in demand

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Career Summary

Legal Nurse Medical FilesFew attorneys fully understand medical terminology, yet many lawyers deal with personal injury or medical malpractice cases on a regular basis. In order to determine the medical significance in a legal case, legal nurse consultants play a major role in translating medical records, explaining terminology, and explaining healthcare issues in a way to achieve the best results for the case.

Legal nurse consultants start out as registered nurses in the healthcare field and often times have worked in the profession for numerous years. In addition to this, legal nurse consultants need some type of legal training or experiece in the legal system. A graduate degree and certification often helps to establish credability.

Some of the duties of a legal nurse consultant include strategizing with legal firms for resolutions between parties involved with healthcare related cases, to educate attorneys of healthcare facts, conferring and interviewing with witnesses, drafting legal documents, developing case strategies, providing support during proceedings, as well as testifying.

Legal nurse consultants are valuable assets to law firms for both the experience they offer and the valuable information the can provide in important legal cases.




Requires a degree in:

  • RN or BSN Nursing Degree
  • Legal Assistance
  • Legal Nursing

Career Skills

  • Nursing expertise
  • Legal assisting
  • Professional writing & communications
  • Computer software knowledge
  • Medical legal theory
  • Experience reviewing, summarizing and analyzing medical records
  • Understanding of pertinent healthcare and legal documents
  • Ability to draft legal documents in medical related cases
  • Develop case strategies
  • Provide support in trials, testify as an expert healthcare witness

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