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Information Engineer

Career Highlights

  • New and upcoming Career
  • Networking expertise and information analysis
  • Provide decision makers with information

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Career Summary

Using networking expertise and information analysis, an information engineer provides online information, research, knowledge and support to businesses and researchers. They provide informational research tools specifically focused on the needs of a business so that they can stay informed and ahead of their competition.

Information EngineerUsing their technology experience in direct combination of their exploratory capabilities information engineers burrow through online press releases, news letters, surveys and industry information finding what a company needs to make good and innovative decisions. With this information companies can avoid a lot of trial and error actions thus saving a company potentially thousands of dollars. The information found helps executives with quality production solutions.

Because information engineers seek out answers, they can specialize in one industry or work in multiple markets such as technical trends, patent researching, new medical product developments and online user service focus. There are not too many limits to what an information engineer can research, learn and report.

Wikipedia lists information engineering (IE) and also listed as Information Engineering Methodology (IEM) as “an approach to designing and developing information systems.” While information engineering may have found its birth in the realms of database design and administration, information engineers have moved past technical accessory.

Information engineers is still a new career that was created to meet the needs of managers who had questions but couldn’t find the answers prior to important corporate projects actions, which occasionally stalled a project or left it to ‘best educated guess’. With the implementation of information engineers, the best educated guess has stepped out of the dark to actually see the potential results of valuable and future company products and services.




Requires a degree in:

  • Network Administration
  • Creative Writing and or English degree
  • Information Technology

Career Skills

  • Technology Networking
  • Creative Writing
  • Information Technology
  • Communications
  • Report generation

Additional Information



  1. Degree in IT or Network Administration

    I do not think a degree in IT or Network Administration is required when IE is looked at from the Wikipedia point of view. However, I strongly advise college level work or experience in scenerio development, statistics gathering/development, analysis and report writing and graphic presentation skills are vital.

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