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Health Educator

Career Highlights

  • Train and educate communities of people
  • Advise patients how and what to eat
  • Be a consultant for food and health related issues

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Career Summary

Health EducatorHealth educators advise patients, communities and groups about dietary information and what may be required according to any medical problems. They provide information booklets and guidelines as well as consult in how to maintain good health. It is important that health educator keep up to date with new food trend information and food research, and is essential in maintaining the best possible clinical practice. Health educators work in hospitals, private practices, government agencies and in community based programs.

Community health educators and private specialists work in clinics and rest homes, and may work from home as consultants for sports and fitness centers. Food service health educators work in kitchens at hospitals, rest homes, boarding schools. Public health specialists work in offices for government health-related organizations such as WIC.

Health educators are responsible for providing assistance aimed at improving the nutrition services and nutrition education components of the WIC Program. They develop or help develop regulations, instructions, guidance, publications, and training materials to implement laws and policies within the WIC program.

At medical centers and hospitals health educators advise in diet requirements and foods that must be avoided once a person leaves the hospital. Many lead health educators oversee menu and recipe development ensuring that all diet needs can be met.




Requires a degree in:

  • Food Science
  • Nutrition Dietetics

Career Skills

  • Dietary counseling and patient care skills
  • Solid grounding in physical and biological sciences
  • Demonstrated leadership and relationship building ability
  • Ability to respond to changing circumstances and priorities
  • Problem solving
  • Critical thinking and analytical skills
  • Ability to articulate ideas

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