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Forensic Computing

Career Highlights

  • Investigation of crimes that happen online and or with a computer.
  • Data recovery from computers for court presentation.
  • Teaching / training in computer crime prevention.

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Career Summary

Computer Forensic ProgrammerThe simple definition of Computer Forensics is a technological, systematic inspection of the computer system and its contents for evidence or supportive evidence of a crime or other computer use that is being inspected. Computer forensics requires specialized expertise that goes beyond normal data collection and preservation techniques available to end-users or system support personnel.

Computer forensics is done in a fashion that adheres to the standards of evidence that are admissible in a court of law. Thus, computer forensics must be techno-legal in nature rather than purely technical or purely legal.

Computer security is a fast developing area within Forensic Services. The work involves close contact with lawyers, commercial organizations and investigation agencies. Issues may involve fraud, child pornography, terrorism and ID theft. Organizations involved include: Police Forces, Government Agencies (Customs and Excise, DTI, Serious Fraud Office), Specialist Forensic Computing firms, IT Security and corporate investigation companies, large chartered accountancy firms. The National Hi Tech Unit (Police) will be changing shortly to SOCA (Serious Organized Crime Agency). Staff will no longer be policemen and they will employ people with IT degrees.




  • Computer Forensics Certification Training Program
  • Associates degree in Police Science

Career Skills

  • Recording findings and collecting trace evidence from scenes of crime or accident.
  • Applying various techniques as appropriate
  • Presenting written and verbal evidence in court which may be cross-examined.
  • Confidence is also required as reporting officers have to present evidence in court and be cross-examined by barristers. This makes up a quarter of the work.
  • Crimes may happen at any time, so evening and weekend call outs happen regularly
  • Focuses on handling digital evidence
  • Was developed in consultation with regional electronic crime law enforcement specialists
  • Equips graduates to combat computer crime
  • Opens up career opportunities beyond computer forensics

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