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Food Service Managers

Career Highlights

  • Supervise the kitchen and the dining room
  • Food service managers are in such high demand.
  • Managers estimate food consumption
  • Always the first to arrive

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Career Summary

Restaurant and food service managers supervise the kitchen and the dining room. They oversee food preparation and food quality and supervise employees. They also investigate and resolve customers' complaints, manage inventory and participate in the financial matters of the business.

In today’s busy society, dining outside the home has become a regular routine for commuters as well as students with part time jobs. Between work and errands, there’s very little time left to eat a decent meal. Therefore many people choose to out rather than eat unhealthy snack food. In addition, people love to eat, but may not always want to cook. That’s why food service managers are in such high demand.

In most restaurants and institutional food service facilities other managers or assistant managers assist the manager. Depending on the size and operating hours of the establishment the management team may consist of a general manager, one or more assistant managers, and an executive chef.

The executive chef is responsible for the operation of the kitchen, while the assistant managers oversee service in the dining room and other areas of the operation.

In fast-food restaurants shift assistant managers and shift leaders aid the manager.

On a daily basis, managers estimate food consumption, place orders with suppliers as needed, and schedule the delivery of non food inventory, fresh food and beverages. They receive and check the content of deliveries and evaluate the quality of culinary items.

Managers are always the first to arrive and the last to leave. At the conclusion of each day and each shift, managers tally the cash and charge receipts received and balance them against the record of sales. They are responsible for depositing the day's receipts at the bank. Managers are also responsible for locking up, checking that ovens, grills, and lights are off, and switching on alarm systems.




Requires a degree in:

  • Restaurant Management
  • Culinary Arts

Career Skills

  • Plan Menus
  • Prepare Safety Reports
  • Coordinate / Lead Others
  • Manage Finances
  • Evaluate Performance of Employees

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