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Flight Attendant

Career Highlights

  • Help Passengers
  • Traveling Customer Service
  • Instruct passengers of emergency procedures
  • Record travel activities

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Career Summary

Flight attendants are required crewmember that provides assistance and safety guidelines to the traveling public. Although the primary job of the flight attendants is to ensure that safety regulations are followed, attendants also try to make flights comfortable and enjoyable for passengers.

Before each flight, the captain regarding any new procedures, coordination of the crew, and the length of the flight, expected weather conditions, and any special issues having to do with passengers briefs attendants. Flight attendants make sure that first-aid kits and other emergency equipment are in supply and in working order and they make sure the passenger cabin is neat, tidy and ready for passengers. This includes making sure there is an adequate supplies of food, beverages, and any other amenities. As passengers board the plane, flight attendants greet them, check their tickets, and tell them where to store carry-on items.

Before the plane takes off, flight attendants instruct all passengers in the use of emergency equipment and check to see that seatbelts are fastened, seat backs are in upright positions, and all carry-on items are properly in the storage containers. In the air, they help passengers in the event of a personal emergency. Safety-related actions may range from reassuring passengers during rough weather to directing passengers in an evacuation if a plane needs to make an emergency landing.

Flight attendants also answer questions about the flight; distribute reading material, pillows, and blankets; and help small children, elderly or disabled persons with assistance. They may administer first aid to passengers who become ill. Prior to landing, flight attendants conduct a on plane inventory count, record the condition of cabin equipment and write reports on any medical problems passengers may have had.




Requires a degree in:

  • Administrative Assistant
  • Hospitality and Tourism

Career Skills

  • Communications
  • Emergency procedures
  • Crisis management
  • Inventory management

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