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Fashion Photographer

Career Highlights

  • Fashion photography is artistic and marketable
  • Networking is a key to success
  • Work with cameras, film and lighting
  • Photographers specialize in one or two areas

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Career Summary

Fashion photography is most often guided by advertisements but is also sponsored by advertisers supporting fashionable artistic photography. Most photographers specialize in one or two areas such as sports fashion, business products or fashion show / trends news.

Photographers often work for a client using a combination of technical and artistic skills to capture a theme of images to be used in advertisements.

Key tasks for most photographers include:

  • Discussing the clientís needs
  • Choosing and preparing locations
  • Selecting appropriate cameras, film and accessories
  • Setting up lighting and equipment
  • Composing and taking shots
  • Checking image quality
  • Retouching images, by hand or with digital software such as photoshop
  • Processing and printing photos

Experience and contacts are the keys to becoming a professional photographer. Finding work as an assistant photographer is a good way of gaining experience, building your portfolio and learning on the job. To become a fashion photographer, you need to have a keen eye for aesthetic detail and have the ability to visualize and communicate your ideas. As well as artistic flair, you will need to be extremely confident and you will need to develop a name for yourself, which will take extreme dedication.

There are different avenues a fashion photographer can take in order to build a name.

  • Employed directly with a retailer
  • Employed by a magazine or newspaper publication
  • Employed by a fashion house
  • Employed by an advertising company
  • Employed by a fashion manufacturer
  • Employed by a direct-mail fashion retail company

Stamina is needed for long hours and occasionally uncomfortable conditions. A good fashion photographer is more than somebody who takes good pictures. He or she must also have the Midas touch to make the clothes a models wears look artistically marketable at itís best.




Requires a degree in:

  • Digital Photography
  • Photography
  • Commercial Art & Photography

Career Skills

  • Artistic & creative expression
  • Knowledge of the technical and aesthetic aspects of photography
  • Business and networking skills
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Self marketing

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