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Facility Manager

Career Highlights

  • Ensure facility safe and protected
  • Supervises one or more locations and itís employees
  • Responsible for many of the buildings and services

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Career Summary

The facility manager reports to the corporate operations and or the corporate director and is responsible for coordinating the daily activities related to property management and development. He/she consults upper management regarding property improvements and partnering with vendors and insures compliance with all company guidelines and governing regulations.

facility managerThey ensure that the facility is a suitable working environment and is safe for, product storage, employees and customers. Facility managers have several responsibilities that include:

  • Supervising cash management
  • Client relations to ensure that complaints, disagreements or misunderstandings about rates or services are resolved diplomatically.
  • Ensure that proper parking, security; all employees are following cash control and customer service procedures.
  • Handle all personnel issues and paperwork for hiring, termination and training of support staff.
  • Supervise special events or functions as they relate to the facility.
  • Monitor and review all product damage / employee injury claims.
  • Recommend and implement plans or programs to improve safety of operations to prevent the occurrence or re-occurrence of similar claims.

Facilities managers are responsible for many of the buildings and services, which support businesses and other types of organization. Facility manager work requires administrative and management skills with broad technical knowledge of the operating capabilities and maintenance requirements. While positions in this series typically involve directing work performed by a variety of trades, they do not necessarily have all of the same skills and knowledge as the tradesí skills utilize.




Requires a degree in:

  • Business Administration
  • Business Operations
  • Masterís of Business Administration

Career Skills

  • Daily operational management
  • Vendor contracts and service
  • Staff work and cleaning schedule management
  • Managing safety programs
  • Overseeing all customer service communications

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