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Exercise Physiologist

Career Highlights

  • SOGC encourages exercise while pregnant.
  • Emerging trend is corporation exercise physiologists for employees
  • Animal well-being also need exercise physiologists

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Career Summary

Exercise physiologists work in a variety of locations depending on their choice of career goals. Some choose to work in fitness centers, while others work in rehabilitation centers. Exercise physiologists can also choose to work in an industry that designs exercise programs. As more and more people look to exercise to improve health and treat or prevent illness, jobs in the health and fitness industries continue to grow.

Exercise PhysiologistsOne emerging trend is corporations hiring exercise physiologists to teach exercise programs to their employees. This sometimes means a physiologist will actually help them learn the correct movements, often continuing to monitor them to make sure they perform activities correctly and that the difficulty level is appropriate. Because exercise physiologists may be employed in extremely diverse settings, such as community organizations, they need to continue to review and update their skills. One day they may work with a military veteran and the next they may be working in pregnancy fitness.

The Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists of Canada (SOGC) encourages pregnancy exercise. Exercise physiologists can help women stay on a healthy routine that can promote a healthy pregnancy and minimize risk.

Another area of the exercise physiologist’s specialization is animal welfare exercise physiology. Exercise physiologists can advance their careers in many ways. One way is to expand their skills and knowledge into animal exercise. Since the majority of working pet owners work full time schedules and commute to and from home, pets can be alone for ten hours or more a day. Some new businesses employ exercise physiologists to help keep pets in shape with regular exercise.

If a person doesn’t use their body, they can surely lose it to illness. Muscles will become flabby and weak, the heart and lungs won't function efficiently and joints will be stiff and easily injured. People who are born with or develop a physical aliment and those who are hurt in an accident need specialized exercise instructions. Exercise physiologists help people lead healthy lives.




Requires a degree in:

  • Exercise Science
  • Exercise Physiology
  • Kinesiology

Career Skills

  • Motivating clients
  • Knowledge of human anatomy
  • Knowledge of exercises
  • Knowledge of exercise equipment
  • Communication & promoting trust to clients

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