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Emergency Medical Technician

Career Highlights

  • Work in an ambulance
  • Be the first on the scene in an emergency
  • High impact and rewarding career
  • Help save lives

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Career Summary

Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs), also called Paramedics, are contacted by specially trained dispatchers who send them to the scenes of emergencies, accidents and other accute medical situations. Their main goal is to provide emergency medical care for those who are being transported to a hospital. EMTs can work in ambulances, rescue helicoptors or even on boats.

EMTs examine the victim to determine the nature and extent of injury or illness, and administer first aid or emergency basic life support, such as giving oxygen and doing cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

They then continue the treatment during transport to hospitals and help the emergency room staff do pre-admittance treatment and obtain medical histories. It is a fast and exciting, though very demending, job.




Medical degree, EMT I/II/P certification and clinical or field experience.

Career Skills


Maintaining the situation under duress

Attention to detail, including bystanders' observations and patients' questions

Additional Information

Find Health Care Training Near You

National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians



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