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Doll Fashion Designer

Career Highlights

  • Design clothing for dolls
  • Action figures need sport apparel
  • Each season has a fashion line
  • Dolls and figures need clothes and accessories

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Career Summary

My Barbie dolls always had better clothes than I did…and they still do. No wonder millions of little girls and yes boys too love their dolls and action figures. The daydream fantasy play has built an industry worth more than $2.3 billion in sales. Doll designers create miniature fashions to be produced on a large scale.

Just like the Paris catwalk dreaming designers, they study fashion trends, sketch clothing designs, pick out fabrics and colors and help make designer lines from start to finish. The difference is that a six-inch model not a five foot six inch model will wear the clothing.

Doll designers create fashions that are often part of entire seasonal line, such as Christmas and life at the beach. Every holiday presents a chance to showcase new fashions. Halloween brings out the doll costumes and New Years Eve presents the glitter and tiaras. Than there is always furnishing the doll townhouse, the city penthouse and the beach retreat. All of these high fashions need a fashion designer with a creative and innovative mind to bring out the glamour of dolls.

Not all dolls are out for glitz though. Action figures need military apparel, athletes need running clothing and superheroes need a disguise. That is where a fashion designer steps up to the plate to create an outfit that is fashionable, eye catching and inspires imagination.

Dolls may only bring up a picture of a plastic figure, but an entire world of dolls is much more than a plaything. Barbie has an entire collection of collective dolls for serious collectors. American Girls inspire dolls that look like the dolls owner which will be a heirloom that will be cherished for generations. Action figures will never go out of style and a whole new generation of play is born every day. These dolls and figures need clothes and they need designers with fresh ideas that can create them.




Requires a degree in:

  • Fashion Design
  • Fashion & Merchandising

Career Skills

  • Review fabric swatches that will look good in doll portions
  • Spotting trends
  • Package designing to complement clothing styles
  • Coordination with other departments to promote doll clothing line
  • Coordination, research and participate in consumer studies for future clothing lines.

Additional Information




    Hello, I am submitting this to you for consideration as the newest "Doll Fashion Designer". I have 35+ years designing experience and make the most beautiful one of a kind ensembles. I make my own patterns, hand bead, create with superb detail and quality and love each and every hour that I am creating. Please Contact me via my email and I will send pictures of my fabulous creations. Thank You CYNDA LEE

  2. Cynda Lee/Designer

    I have been designing one of a kind doll ensembles for 30+ years and I take great pride in the detail and quality of my creations.

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