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Custom Auto Body Technician

Career Highlights

  • Teaching auto repair is a growing field
  • Every car is a different challenge
  • Cars are now high-tech

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Career Summary

Auto Body TechnicianCustom auto body technicians are the artists of cars. Often they are crafters who bring dented, battered and rusted wrecks back to life with a new style, form, and color. They repair, refinish and customize everything from minor dents and nicks to badly damaged frames and body sections.

Almost every car presents a different challenge, since each damaged vehicle has its own oddness, but must always be repaired to factory specifications. Using a broad knowledge of automotive construction and repair techniques, it�s up to auto body technicians to decide the most appropriate repair methods for each job.

They are taught to practice safety with tools that could cause injury if not used correctly. For example, painters who work with turpentine and other toxic solvents and paints must ensure that there are wearing the appropriate gear and following occupational hazard guidelines while working.

Most technicians now use the computer and other high-tech equipment as a regular part of the job. With advances in technology, auto body technicians have become much more than just mechanics and or artists -- they are highly skilled professionals.

Automotive parts, body materials, and electronics change constantly, becoming more complex and technologically advanced. As a result, technicians must continue to improve their skills in order to stay ahead and advance their career. While small auto-body repair shops usually offer little chance for promotion, auto body technicians can find opportunities in rarely known or advertised markets such as the film industry. Advertised advancements include supervisory positions, becoming self employed or becoming auto technology teachers. Teaching auto repair is a growing field because many older instructors do not posess the sophisticated computer knowledge required to teach today's aspiring auto mechanics

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Requires a degree in:

  • Automotive Maintenance
  • Commercial Art

Career Skills

  • Welding
  • Understanding technical drawings and instructions
  • Mechanical aptitude and manual dexterity
  • Attention to detail
  • Installing and repairing electronics
  • An eye for color

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