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Correctional Officer

Career Highlights

  • Correctional officers are employed by the State
  • Job opportunities are expected to be excellent
  • Help keep the peace

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Career Summary

No two days are ever alike for a correctional officer. A corrections officer oversees individuals who have been arrested, are awaiting trials, or who have been convicted and sentenced to jail. But responsibilities for a corrections officer go beyond observing inmate behavior and preventing fights and escapes.

In a smaller county jail, a corrections officer may also serve as deputy sheriff or a police officer. In a large State or Federal prison, a corrections officer will have highly specialized duties, such as overseeing prisoner transfers. Every jail and prison has specific rules such as jail for minors and prisons for women.

Depending on an officer's duties, a corrections officer can work indoors or outdoors. Indoor environments can range from control room monitor security to ensuring that prisoner in overcrowded cafeterias do not engage in a fight. Although corrections officers tend to work a five-day week in eight-hour shifts, they work a variety of around the clock shifts that are not Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

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