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Contract Specialist

Career Highlights

  • Listed on Top Job Searches for Federal Hiring Trends
  • Create and review contracts
  • Some specialize in winning Government contracts
  • Celebrities and athletes use contract specialists

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Career Summary

Contract specialists create and manage contracts for the purchase of supplies, services, construction, or research and development. They work with sales and executives to help them understand the agreement and they can also work with customers to help them solve issues such as product licenses.

Contract SpecialistTasks may involve negotiation methods, evaluation of contract cost proposals, administration or termination and close-out of contracts, and the development of policies and procedures for contracting work or offing services. Offering services contracts means drafting contract quotes on a as needed basis based on the potential work to be done.

There will be times when questions about the contracts already negotiated will need to be revised, changed and or explained in more detailed. Before a contract is signed, the contract may need to be changed several times to ensure all parties involved agree to the terms of the contract.

Other responsibilities that contract specialists may perform include coordinating contract research and the development of revenue generating business examination with other contract departments. They may also be one of the key leaders in obtaining work with U.S city governments.

There are businesses that specialize in winning Government contracts. These companies aggressively pursue contracts as a representative of their client in obtaining Government projects. They research and find Federal opportunities, market a clientís business to the Federal Government agencies and develop successful proposals to submit for government bids. Contract specialists have many strengths and abilities that are absolutely necessary in strategic business development and success.

However, businesses are not the only ones who needs contract specialists. People are their own products use contract specialists meticulously. High profile athletes must have an agreed upon contract prior to any work and or endorsements an athlete may participate in. Celebrities such as actors and singers also need to have detailed conditions, requirements and expectations listed in a contract prior to any work started.

Contracts are part of every business, every industry and a part of life rather itís professional or personal. Without contract specialists, business services and personal lives would run amok.




Requires a degree in:

  • Accounting
  • Finance
  • Management of Business Administration

Career Skills

  • Perform Contract Administration Actions
  • Logistics
  • Process Purchases
  • Customer Service
  • Contract Law
  • Inventory and Accounting
  • Policy and/or Contract Review

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