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Computer Security Specialist

Career Highlights

  • Prevent information from being stolen
  • Check computers and the network for viruses
  • Train computer users

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Career Summary

Computer Security SpecialistComputer security specialists create programs that prevent information from being stolen from computers and networks. They also install consumer security software and maintain it. In addition, computer security specialists plan, coordinate, and implement security measures that include email policies and blocking websites.

Many times a computer security specialist will need to check computers and the network for viruses and or attempts to break into the system. Computer security specialists occupations can involve searching for the cause of computer errors and figuring out how to solve the problem.

Like any other department they record the work that has been done on computers and the company network so that the history can be reviewed as needed. Sometimes it is the responsibility of the computer security specialist to train employees in computer software operations and or policies.




Requires a degree in:

  • Network Security

Career Skills

  • Computers / Electronics
  • Customer / Personal Service
  • Administration / Management
  • Engineering / Technology
  • Telecommunications

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