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Computer Animator

Career Highlights

  • For those who love to create
  • Animation is the wave of the future
  • Get paid for what you love
  • Play an important role in a huge and ever-growing industry

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Career Summary

Animators produce drawings and computerized animations that are potentially used in the media and advertisement industries including advertisements, promotional projects, campaigns, cartoons and movies. A career in animation requires a strong artistic mind that use artistic methods to communicate an idea and produce the desired effect. A solid familiarity with the latest in computer animation technologies is needed as technology is constantly being created. Animators may work not only with computers but may prepare artwork for printing or mass production.

There are several different career paths for animators. Some include video game animation, movie & television production, and internet advertising.

In addition, many animators design and create business logos, branding promotions, product illustrations and multimedia website designs. Working with clients means explaining to someone who may not be technology knowledgeable and they will probably have to walk them through the creative process.

Animators are involved their own type of coding, unique to the graphic design. Like programming jobs, individuals who wish to work in these fields must know how to write, test, troubleshoot, and maintain scripts and codes to test their work. It also involves a lot of collaboration with other people involved on large projects, as well as constant communication with the client.




Requires a degree in:

  • Animation

Career Skills

  • Ability to create, compose and test multi media projects to create a successful animation project.
  • Knowledge of design techniques
  • Animation & Special
  • Knowledge of media production
  • Story-telling skills
  • Technical assistant
  • Graphic artist
  • Flash designer

Additional Information



  1. Computer animation development

    I think that computer animation high development possiblities develops in two ways:
    1. If you love this work you can obtain so much from it, such as great satisfaction for your creations and good earnings. It's true that this work has long working days but it's also true that if it ecites you, you can't live without it.
    2. Even if you don't want/succeed to find a work in this area you can try to find an occupation in other fields, since animation is everywhere and related with fields that goes from movies to medical, from the web to cartography.
    The department of labor states that animators occupation will increase during these years so I think it isn't bad invest time and some effort in it.
    I didn't look at the graphic designer section, I think it could be more related the artist and related workers one

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