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Commercial Environment Designer

Career Highlights

  • Creates a setting that welcomes people
  • Designs and produces trade show booths
  • Designs how an area looks and feels
  • Highly creative imagination needed

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Career Summary

An environment designer creates a setting that welcomes people and instills a feeling that they cannot leave without taking some of it with them. Whether it’s a tabletop display or an entire store location, an environment designer has the tools and skills to create the company’s desired selling environment that will turn people into customers.

An environment designer designs and produces trade show booths, store displays, company showrooms, festival vendor booths and any other promotional event location. But it’s more than just about a designing a booth. It’s how the booth looks and feels. While plants and soft lighting may be perfect for one event, anther event may need balloons, a clown and bright colorful lights.

Environment Design Projects

Other projects that environment designers work on include creating branded looks for companies with stores in different locations. Some companies such as Fry’s Electronics designs some of their stores in different themes. In southern California it’s not uncommon to walk into Fry’s Electronics Alice In Wonderland in Woodland Hills and walk under an alien spaceship in North Hollywood’s Fry’s Electronics. Each store is decorated in a theme within the store -- environment designers create this.

An environment designer also works for a variety of companies, city governments and even museums to design displays and area environments. They may design a large convention room to house several vendors or they may design just one display to be used at a tradeshow. Examples of design work may include logo signage (interior and exterior), storefronts, pre-sale phase, brand lifestyle imagery, operational (directional) and informational signage, paint color schemes, marketing and promotional communication displays, and pro shop retail signage systems.

An environment designer works with their clients to create a well themed location where a company can have their own personality and still be incorporated into the overall continuity of the corporation or industry of which the company sells products. Even if two companies use a fairytale theme a grocery store will always look different from a retail store even though a similar theme is used – this is what makes an environment designer stand out as above average.

Anyone can put up a couple of tables and place products on it but does that actually attract any would be customers? Very rarely and only if the product is so outstanding that it passes by word of mouth only. However, when a company uses an environment designer, they are creating an environment that says, “Come see what we are about”. It welcomes people into their home base area and introduces potential customers to not only the products but also the company itself. The employees are more than employees they are the welcoming mat to a new relationship.




Requires a degree in:

  • Computer Aided Drafting
  • Commercial Art
  • Digital Media

Career Skills

  • Signage planning and presentation exhibits for negotiation
  • Developing new concepts for brand design & customer environments
  • Understanding appropriate materials and production methods
  • Prepare project vendor estimates
  • Computer design

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