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Career Highlights

  • Contributes to society and non-marine ecosystems
  • In Demand Career
  • May assist crew expeditions

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Career Summary

Aquarists is just one of the various careers in marine biology which contributes to both human society and the non-marine ecosystems that we depend on it. Thanks to careers such as aquarists, the vivid plant and animal life that lives under the ocean has been surfaced and continues to fascinate and educate people of all ages. One of the most enticing careers for an aquarist is to work for an aquarium.

Aquarium WaterAt aquariums, an aquarist’s job is to educate the public regarding the aquarium and to ensure that the mammals, amphibians and fish on exhibit are in good condition. Some of their responsibilities include feeding, treating diseases and observing the behavior of animals and cleaning the exhibit tanks and displays so that they continue to look their best. An aquarist may also assist crew expedition members in collecting fish and other species for the exhibits in addition to giving tours of the aquarium.

Since aquarists’ careers involve different aspects of ocean education and research, they may begin their career as an environmental educator or a public relations officer. As their career grows some aquarists may decide to move into administrator, aquarium supervisor or even a science writer. A science writer are the passionate exhibit lovers the attractive exhibit signs telling visitors what is in the exhibit.




Requires a degree in:

  • Environmental Engineering
  • Veterinary Assistant or Technician
  • Biology Degree
  • Science Degree

Career Skills

  • Ability to conduct thorough research
  • Ability to work with a team
  • Good communications
  • Knowledge of marine life People skills
  • Scuba certification highly encouraged

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