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Anesthesiologist Assistant

Career Highlights

  • Assist anesthesiologists
  • Responsible for gathering patients health data
  • Provide compassionate, quality care to patients

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Career Summary

Surgery Technical NeedleAn anesthesiologist (American English), or anaesthetist (British English), is a medical doctor who administers anesthesia and manages patients medically before, during, and after surgery. Anesthesiologist Assistants are trained extensively in the delivery and maintenance of anesthesia care as well as advanced patient monitoring techniques. Anesthesiologist assistants are unusually the ones who make the initial approach to a patient to obtain a preliminary physical examination and record and health history for review by an anesthesiologist. This helps to define the patient's current physical status as it relates to the planned anesthetic.

The specific job descriptions and duties of anesthesiologist assistants may differ according to geographic area and local practice. However, in general they establish / help establish noninvasive and invasive routine monitoring modalities as delegated by the responsible anesthesiologist. They also assist in increasing, maintaining and altering anesthesia levels. Assisting in the use of advanced life support techniques may also be one of the responsibilities of an anesthesiologist assistant.




Requires a degree in:

  • Anesthesiologists Assistance
  • Cardiovascular / Respiratory

Career Skills

  • Provides technical support to Anesthesiologist for complex anesthesia equipment
  • Provides airway management
  • Monitors patient's hemodynamic status, blood, fluid and pharmacological therapy

Additional Information



  1. Anesthesiologist Assistant

    I`m Abdon-Nasir Wazeh,Anesthesiologist Assistant,glad to send my information to you to get a job.
    I have a certificate of Anesthesiologist Assistance from Midhealth Institute in Damascus -Syria with an excellent degree.
    I worked, as a student,in 4 hospitals in the capital, Damascus, for three years they were :Damascus`s hospital , Red Cross Hospital ,Douma hospital and Albasel Heart Institute,where I`m working Now.
    In Albasel Heart Institute , I`d worked as an Anesthesiologist assistant for a year , but now I`m working as a resuscation team member "Emergency Team"
    I live in syria and I wish to get a job in USA.

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