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Aircraft Maintenance Engineer

Career Highlights

  • Troubleshoot and test aircraft systems
  • Repair any problems that may arise with aircraft
  • Work outside or in a hangar

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Career Summary

Aircraft maintenance engineers are responsible for repairing, replacing, assembling and installing aircraft parts. They check for wear and tear, using x-ray or magnetic equipment to look for cracks and punctures invisible to the human eye. They also troubleshoot by testing aircraft systems to identify the source or cause of malfunctions.

The work activities of aircraft research and design engineers vary according to their field of specialization. The subsequent design stage involves developing specifications, adhering to strict standards, assembly and modification, participating in test programs, recording data, resolving issues that arise during the design, development and testing processes, etc.

Aircraft engineers and engineering technicians who work on aircraft may be working in hangars or outdoors. They carry out special inspections, and certify that maintenance is meeting the correct standards. In addition, they are responsible for supervising aircraft maintenance workers, and for working with teams, suppliers, clients and managers to meet budgets, timescales and specifications for work undertaken. If involved in research and design, they will usually be working indoors in clean laboratories, although assembly, fitting and testing may be outdoors or in factory production areas.

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A degree one of the following

  • Aircraft Powerplant Technology
  • Airframe Mechanics
  • Aircraft Maintenance Technology

Career Skills

  • Knowledge:
    • Mechanical
    • Design
    • Customer and Personal Service
    • Engineering and Technology
    • Transportation
  • Skills:
    • Reading Comprehension
    • Repairing
    • Troubleshooting
    • Equipment Maintenance
    • Complex Problem Solving
  • Abilities:
    • Manual Dexterity
    • Arm Hand Steadiness
    • Problem Sensitivity
    • Near Vision
    • Deductive Reasoning
    • Information Ordering
    • Logical mind

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