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Advertising Coordinator

Career Highlights

  • Working with advertising campaigns
  • Be part of the creative process
  • Coordinate with advertising agencies

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Career Summary

Advertising is everywhere -- magazines, billboards, radios and, of course, television. Their objective: to sell goods and services. An advertising coordinator works for an advertising agency, a consulting company that helps a client manufacturer create an advertising campaign and marketing strategy, from concept to publication.

Advertising involves helping a client make high-level business decisions -- for example, how to introduce a new line of kitchen dishes within a brand. The agency takes a client's goal and turns it into a specific plan for advertising. This may include a series of ads featuring extreme kitchen makeovers with the dishes on the counter, or it could involve hiring a spokes-model to show how much better the dishes are than the competition.

Marketing Coordinator is a title given to somebody at entry level within such an agency, who has little experience. Therefore, the job holder is expected to be working on several marketing tasks. In some cases the marketing coordinator will be in charge of:

  • Maintaining the marketing mailing list
  • Building a database of useful contacts / potential clients
  • Sending out fliers and brochures
  • Helping in exhibits and booths in fairs / conferences
  • Collecting information on competitors (prices, offers, etc.)
  • Responding to telephone inquiries from potential clients
  • Coordinating with advertising agencies
  • Producing brochures and ads
  • Scheduling with various media outlets




Requires a degree in one of the following areas:

  • Advertising & Marketing
  • Marketing Management
  • Commercial Art

Career Skills

  • Creativity
  • Organization
  • Manage several projects
  • Communications
  • Deign software
  • Advertising strategy

Additional Information

American Association of Advertising Agencies

AAAA 405 Lexington Avenue,

18th Floor

New York, NY 10174-1801



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