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The Career Opportunities How-To

A hiring manager has already sifted through dozens of the applicants and has compiled a shortlist of what is most important to them. The interviewer is now testing the waters to see who will best fit in with the company and the team. Most hiring decisions are made at the first interview. How you come across in that interview is as important as your experience and career talents. Examining each candidate in an hour isnít easy so you must make a positive impression that says youíre the one they need. Being the interviewer is just as difficult as being the candidate so you must be prepared to leave a great impression. Go prepared and present your strengths.

Step 1

Learn as much as you can about the company. Review the company website, search for press releases and look up other information about the company and what they do.

Step 2

Research, consider and evaluate everything you can about the job and how your previous experience and training qualifies you for the job. Refresh your skills and read up on anything that may be technical in nature.

Step 3

Review your resume and make sure it is custom tailored for the job interview. You may want to reformat your skills to highlight the ones the company is looking for. Be sure to print out your resume and bring an extra copy.

Step 4

Make sure you are ready to present (verbally or actual physical proof) of your accomplishments.  This means to look up specific times and dates of previous jobs, make a list of references to attach to your resume, or even gathering a list of websites from previous employers.

Step 5

Dress for the job. The standard rule is wear a suite to an interview. However, dress according to the companyís environment. Don't wear a suit to a company that wears jeans and t-shirts or vice versa. If you don't know what the standard is, wear a casual business suit.



  • Speak positively of former employers and co-workers
  • Make a list of questions to ask the new company
  • Be prepared to make a good impression


  • Don't show up late
  • Don't forget the little things
  • Don't forget to get directions and bring money for parking