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Nomad Careers refer to people who are able to literally work from anywhere in the world using cell phones, satellite or wireless internet, and laptops. This unconventional career is not for everyone, but it gives additional freedom that many careers do not.

Most nomads are self-employed or work on a contract basis. Their expertise is such that they do not need to be present to get the job done.  Here are the steps you will need to accomplish in order to have a nomad career.

Step 1

Choose the right career - Writing, programming, graphic design, web design, or set up an online company. Find the skill that you are most interested in and write a plan of action.  Find out from others which you may be good at, and then decide to move forward in that career.

Step 2

Learn the Trade - To be able to work from anywhere, often times you must have talents or career skills that will be beneficial for others. Once you've made your decision, move forward with an education.  Earn a degree in your trade, find a hobby and spend time on it, or practice your skill.  Learn how to be competitive in today's job market.

Step 3

Getting Started - When you have trained and learned about all the aspects of your career, it's time to get started. This may involve starting your own business, finding a contract job, or simply finding a company to work with for a time and moonlight during off hours. It is important to build a reputation and experience in the industry you have chosen.

With this step learning how to interview, speak with people, and sell yourself and your talents is critical. It takes time, resources and the right opportunity to start into a career where you are not stuck in an office.

Step 4

Moving out of the box - When you are ready, make the move and get out of the corporate world. This takes strategy and investment. Often times you may be able to set up a trial period with your company to work remotely.

To successfully move out, investment in the materials is key. Purchase a dependable laptop and ensure that you will have mobile internet if needed.  Often times, for writers, the only materials needed are a pen and notebook.

Step 5

Dotting the i's - There are a number of things to consider once you've taken the plunge. You will quickly learn what kinds of environments you can and can not work in.  You will learn to discipline yourself in order to get paid. You will quickly learn that keeping up with accounting is important as well.

When you're ready, plan a trip. Travel. Go to new places with your new mobile career, and enjoy the fruit of all your hard work.



  • Research every possible scenario and possibility before going mobile.
  • Go camping and try out a forest mobile working environment
  • Have a back up or emergency plan in case the worst-case scenario happens
  • Buy backup batteries for your laptop


  • Quit your job on a whim and leave everything behind
  • Buy a pawnshop laptop and expect it to be ‘good enough’ for work
  • Fall for the get rich work schemes that sound too good to be true - they’re too good to be true.
  • Keep large amounts of money on you.