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How To Find Fulfillment In A Job You Don't Love

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A lot of people are working to live in jobs that we don't love. Some of the jobs are stepping stones towards our dream jobs. Other jobs pay a good salary or offer a benefit which makes the job tolerable.

You do not need to love your job to find fulfillment. There are things you can do so that you can look forward to work instead of dreading it. However, you have to be actively engaged in it to make it rewarding. Here are some suggestions, tips and tricks to help you find fulfillment in your job.

Step 1

It's up to you not up to the job.

Happiness and fulfillment will never come from the job itself. If you are miserable each and every morning you need to find some small thing to look forward to. Buy your favorite coffee and keep it at work. Start every morning with a cup of your favorite beverage. Don't take home your favorite beverage though. Let this be your small reward for showing up and starting each day.

Step 2

Money doesn't buy happiness

It may buy personal comfort and entertainment but if you are earning a million dollars a year and still hate going to work every single day you cannot say you are happy. Your salary provides you with the means to be happy.

Step 3

Find new friends

Find people who work in the same position as you do and meet once a week or a month or even every other week for after work socials. Rant about what happened at work or talk about how something at your job helped you appreciate your life that day. The point is to get the frustrations out of your system so that it doesn't tear you up inside. Stress and negative feelings can become a physical illness.

Step 4

Join an organization

People from all walks of life belong to professional organizations. This can be for professional networking as well as to socialize. The organization is a place to talk about issues and opportunities they are facing in their career.

Step 5

Retune how you look at your job

You can be a janitor and if you believe that your job helps someone else do her/his job and that, in turns makes a difference - then you will find your job fulfilling.



Look at the employer's environment before accepting a job offer

Consider what kind of work environment you want to feel job satisfaction


Don't blame everyone else for your unhappiness

Don't quite before trying to make a 'bad' job better