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How To Demonstrate The Most Wanted Candidate Characteristics

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According to a survey conducted by the National Association of Colleges and Employers, the following five traits are the most important qualities that employers are looking for in a job candidate. Be sure to highlight these skills in your resume, mention them in interview answers during your interview, and include a couple in your thank-you letter.

Step 1

Communication: Many employers say that candidates and new graduates lack writing skills and the ability to communicate effectively in face-to-face situations. Successful communication is critical in business. Keep these four keys in mind for every meeting and project. 1) Understand the purpose 2)Keep the message clear & concise 3)Be prepared 4)Be vivid when delivering the message

Step 2

Integrity (Honesty): In light of the many recent corporate scandals, employers highly value an ownership of integrity. Integrity provides effective leadership and optimal business relationships. Hiring the right employee in today’s marketplace is complicated and employers need to feel confident that they have hired a professional with integrity. A person with integrity is someone who will not steal clients or equipment. They can be relied on when most needed and they can be trusted with confidential company information.

Step 3

Teamwork: The successful team player senses what contributions need to be made, and how he or she can best support the group in achieving its goals. It may consist of making observations in a troubled project or it may mean pitching in some extra work in an area that you normally do not handle. Teamwork is helping your co-workers meet company goals.

Step 4

Interpersonal: This is a very important asset for every career focused individual. It is difficult to describe but easily recognized. Someone with interpersonal skills and abilities is a warm person ho is able to interact with you. They show real concern about the matters discussed. A person with interpersonal skills is someone who feels comfortable at the interview and is at ease in any environment and will fit into the department rapidly and naturally.

Step 5

Strong Work Ethic: A strong work ethic is a sense of maturity that cannot be measured by the chronological age of a person. Someone in their 20's can be very mature, while someone in their 40's may still manifest childlike emotions. A strong work ethic is a mature understanding of what is expected in work environment. Applicants are not hostile or defensive. They do not consider criticism as the "prosecutor out to get them." Someone who has work ethics has learned from past failures. They can discuss their weaknesses as readily as their strengths and they work to turn those weaknesses into strengths.



Do show a sense of humor

Be natural and easy to talk with

Be alert and smile


Don't use slang words

Don't forget to sit up straight

Don't forget to research the position