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Types of Jobs

Art and Design »
Art and design creates a vision, image, picture or attempts to create a feeling using a variety of art techniques and or design structures.
Business and Management »
Business management consists of supervising and guiding a group of employees. They utilize skills from personnel and learned educational experiences. They are a resource for upper management to consider for decisions that affect the entire company.
Construction »
Construction is building new and renovating old structures such as apartment buildings, business centers and transportation roads and freeways.
Education »
Education is one of the most important building blocks each person uses in finding out who they are and who they want to be. Itís the place to listen, learn, experiment, make mistakes and create success and life fulfillment.
Food Service »
Much like art food service is a diversity of flavors, cultures, service, themes and trendy culinary bouquets. Everything from coffee houses to catering and from hot dogs to French cuisine is placed into the food service industry.
Law »
Law is the way society tries to protect citizens. The goal of laws is to create a safe environment with rules of conduct that are accepted by the majority as a way of protection and a way of processing complaints for a final resolution.
Maintenance and Repair »
Maintenance and Repair professionals possess a wide array of automotive or building skills. They perform a variety of tasks such as mending drywall damage, painting buildings or work on cars so that they are drivable again.
Medical and Healthcare »
Careers and professions related to providing services to the public for the treatment and care for physical and mental health.
Personal Care and Service »
Personal care and service professionals are Child Care Assistants, Laundry and Maid services and home medical aides. Home care aides help elderly and disabled persons live in their own homes or in residential care facilities instead of in health facilities.
Protective Services »
From national security to online crime solving to public police officers to private community protection - protective services guards people 24-hour a day, 365 days a year in an assortment of professions.


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