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Fashion Merchandiser

Career Highlights

  • Business savvy and fashionably creative career
  • Fashion is a billion-dollar industry that is always changing
  • Spot the next hottest new trends

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Career Summary

Fashion merchandiser is a word that can mean three very different things in the fashion business. Fashion merchandisers learn, research fabrics and world trends in a variety of different cultures and subcultures that shape the way people dress. They are both savvy business professionals with a keen edge in finding the next potential fashion trend that usually first shows up in the best nightly television shows. There are three types of merchandisers.

fashion design merchandise representitiveThe first type of fashion merchandiser represents a brand on behalf of a merchant. They travel to regional retail stores in order to convince the owners to accept the product line. Then they make sure the appropriate products and quantities are out on the sales floor. The merchandiser creates a relationship with management to maintain and negotiate the location of the area where the company's product will be displayed. In addition, they continually find new stores to sell the products.

The second type of fashion merchandiser is a Visual Merchandiser who works in a store to display the store's merchandise in the most appealing ways. They can be responsible for mannequin changes, in-store displays, and window displays.

The third type of fashion merchandiser is a product merchandiser who creates a line of products for a company. This means that they come up with ideas for product grouping -- such as a variety of colors, styles and sizes for a specific product. This type of merchandiser starts with an idea of how they want to present the product and the business, such as what market they want to target (teenagers, senior citizens, parents.) Part of their job is conducting trend analysis to see what the current trends are. When everything has been designed, tested and ready for commercial sales, the line is then presented.

Fashion is a billion-dollar industry that requires business savvy and a well-trained eye that knows how to help spot the next hottest trend. Everything from the production to the marketing and delivery of the products is covered by Fashion Merchandising. One of the growing trends is that 40 percent, of American women wear a size 12 or higher. Yet only 26 percent of all women's clothing sales are in the plus-size category. Fashion merchandisers have started to catch up to the need of hot alternative sizing trends




Requires a degree in:

  • Merchandise Marketing
  • Visual Communications
  • Fashion Designing

Career Skills

  • Fashion Marketing
  • Retail Marketing and promotion
  • Fashion Buying
  • Visual merchandising
  • Retail Management
  • Textile Design & Fashion Production
  • Strategic Planning
  • Buy Planning
  • Channel Planning
  • Store Grading

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