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College Recruiter

Great looking site that means business in helping you to find a job while in college. At the Home page the first thing you see is a clear picture of college students and the two options to find a job and post your resume. This is the website to use if you're a student.

College Job Board

I wasn't overly impressed with the site, but College Job Board designed their site with all of its focus to college students. Resources include job internship, full-time, part-time, and temporary positions and resume posting. You can also do scholarship search.

Craig's List

I have a hate love outlook for Craig's List. While they have become one of the largest online resource communities for jobs, sales and general populace of what where & when... They also attract the negative energy of bad jobs, sales and general populace of what where & when. In my opinion, consider Craig's List a grab bag of the category your looking at. You have a 50% 50% chance of finding either a great company / person behind the advertisement or a bad one. I've experienced both from Craig's List.

Groove Jobs

Groove Jobs has some great sponsorship, but in order for someone to apply you must either be signed up with Groove Jobs or apply to the provided email in the profile. All of the jobs I viewed were sponsored corporate ads, so this would save a person time and physical exercise in having to walk or drive to all of the possible hiring locations. On the other hand, all of the jobs are with retail and food industries. In your looking for an office / corporate job, this isn't the website for you. On the plus side they also have a search function for internships and volunteer opportunities and they list a small Resource Center for common advice.


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