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What Are The Advantages & Disadvantages Of Online Colleges vs. Campus Colleges?

Trying to decide between an online college and a campus college is like trying to decide which brand new car to buy. Both have quality, luxury, personal enhancement bonuses and both offer superior performance. It may seem like I haven't given you any help in deciding but just like buying that new car you have to look deeper; not at the car but at yourself. The answer lies within your personal preferences such as lifestyle, availability, learning process and social necessities.

The Advantages & Disadvantages Of Campus College

The Advantages & Disadvantages Of Campus College - Social Aspect:

  • Balancing college and social life and a job if you choose to work during college
  • Campus activities available for students
  • Dorm life & a room mate
  • First adult (away from home) experiences
  • May need a car for life necessities as well as a social life.
  • Security and safety of students on & around the campus
  • Social popularity among other college students
  • Student Collaborations on college assignments
  • The chance to make new friendships and build future career networking opportunities
  • The occurrence of illegal high risk drinking increases in college.
  • The religious atmosphere on or around campus
  • The temptation of new credit cards to minors turned adults which than twists into high credit card debt before graduating college.

The Advantages & Disadvantages Of Campus College - Academic Aspect:

  • Ability to ask a fellow student for course information or assistance
  • Class room discussions
  • Class room student discussions
  • Face to face communications with faculty staff
  • In person Instructor guidance
  • Instructor communications happen before or after class or by appointment.
  • On hand lab time
  • See who you are communicating with

The Advantages & Disadvantages Of Online College Courses

The Advantages & Disadvantages Of Online College Courses - Social Aspect:

  • Balancing online college with a social life and a job if you choose to work during college
  • No "those were the college days" memories to tell.
  • No upgrade for high school for Popularity Contests
  • Social life is completely different than college social life
  • Will family / friends / roommates give you the space you need to study?

The Advantages & Disadvantages Of Online College Courses - Academic Aspect:

  • Dedication: You make your own scheduled time to study, contribute comments to student forums and chat rooms.
  • Discussions happen in chat rooms and through IM
  • Instructor communications happen through emails and IM sessions
  • Less distractions from other students or student pressure towards after class activities
  • Maintain a flexible college schedule - You can attend your online classes whenever, and where ever, you decide to.
  • offers students the opportunity to engage in learning that is centered on them.
  • There are no judgments made based on race, ethnicity, gender, or physical appearance. Instead, you are evaluated based on your performance on assignments and tests as well as on the comments that you make on the course material.
  • You do not need to see who you are communicating with
  • You prefer or feel comfortable in online communities compared to in person groups

The Advantages & Disadvantages Of Online Colleges vs. Campus Colleges - Financial Aspects

To compare the costs of attending a college online to a campus college, record the following information and see how much you would save.

  • Tuition /Administration (in state & out of state):
  • Textbooks & School supplies:
  • Computer hardware /software with Internet connection:
  • Home / Dorm room office set up & maintained program:
  • Apartment Rental & Utilities:
  • Dorm Room Rental:
  • Transportation: School/Work/Social Life:
  • Moving costs:
  • Daily Necessities (Cell phone, food, extras like cable)

Campus Colleges

Ultimately, it's your decision, so listen to your inner feelings and be honest with yourself. Do you feel comfortable walking around campus? Do you think you will click with the students and faculty and does that matter to you? If the campus you are considering is not local take a college weekend trip. Spend some time on a campus and in the local area to determine if that college or any campus college education is a good match for you.

Online College

The benefit of online college is that rather or not you are across town or across the Atlantic Ocean, your college education of choice is no further than the nearest computer, fax, and mail service.


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