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Online College Education Popularity

Online College Education Popularity

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Online College Education Popularity
Soon to be & potential students look to online higher education»».

Eduventures, the leading research and consulting firm for the education industry, found in perhaps the most inclusive survey yet, that approximately 50% of consumers considering the idea of college say they would prefer a method by online or at least balanced between online and on campus instruction.

"This level of interest is far higher than current consumer experience," said Richard Garrett, Senior Analyst for Eduventures'. According to Eduventures' research, approximately 7% of students enrolled in higher education courses are studying for a degree or certificate wholly online. "Consumer enthusiasm for online higher education suggests that this market will continue to grow strongly."

According to the Eduventures survey results:

* Perceptions of quality. Perceptions of quality suggest a maturation of consumer views - a willingness to assess individual online and on-campus programs on their merits, rather than solely in terms of delivery mode. There is also a sustained skeptical minority, however, that continues to regard online delivery as being poor quality by definition.

* Perceptions of price. Although 42% of the sample was willing to judge the quality of individual online programs or courses on their merits, almost half the sample said they would only be willing to pay less for an online program or course compared to an on-campus experience.

* Online delivery & geography. Sixty-three percent of respondents who were willing to consider a wholly online program preferred the online provider to have some physical presence (branch campus or main campus) at least within their state. Only 37% of respondents willing to consider wholly online delivery disregarded location as a factor.

The survey produced beliefs and opinions regarding online education. Some believe that consumers may not be as well informed as Online Colleges would hoped. Consumers stated that the form of online delivery is the main attraction, but also revealed less positive or narrower, views of the delivery and value of the online experience. Responses to a number of survey questions suggested that consumers see a tradeoff between convenience and quality of education. Online universities and colleges face a tricky balancing act between playing to majority consumer value perceptions centered on convenience, versus emphasizing broader conceptions of online higher education. However, as online colleges moves forward, they are combining quality with convenience. »»


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