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A Gothic Mayor Political Candidate In Pasadena California

A Gothic Mayor Political Candidate In Pasadena California

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By Alivia Hunter

An Unlikely Political Candidate


Aaron Proctor is making his first bid for public office as Mayor of Pasadena, California. He is a serious individual displaying professional and polished political views which is upsetting his rivals. He isn't your typical politician though. As a matter of fact he claims to be "anti-political." Aaron Proctor wears a leather jacket and eyeliner. He has a love for dark music and his appearance can be upsetting for the average suburban voter. But he is disproving the one-dimensional stereotypical notions about "Goths."

People may cast their votes based on what Aaron Proctor looks like. If they do, they will be making a grave mistake, no pun intended. Mr. Proctor wants a better Pasadena and he knows it is possible if the community elects him. He doesn't differentiate one assemblage of the community over another. When he addresses the public he speaks to everyone in the community. He should be judged on his views and chosen for the position based on his fresh ideas to bring the city of Pasadena back to life.

However, there is virtually no coverage for the 2007 Pasadena Mayor Electoral race. I surfed through dozens of articles and blogs in search of opinions from Political Analysts regarding what could be a metropolitan historical event. I found nothing. There was limited information regarding the political standings of the candidates involved and it seems as though the public doesn't know what to think of the situation. How can that be when an entire community is affected?

In Aaron Proctor's State Of The City speech, he writes:


If you were to ask the Mayor, the state of the City is just fine. Sure, according to him, there's a problem here or there - not unlike any that other cities face. According to the Mayor, crime is down. According to the Mayor, rent control is an unnecessary situation to look into. I guess 9800 people would agree or so - I mean, that's how many people voted for the Mayor in the 2003 election.

What about the 140,000 of the rest of us though? How about the 54-some-odd percent of people who rent in this city? How about the near 15 percent of the people in this city below the poverty line? If you asked us what the state of the City is in - it would completely negate everything the Mayor and others on City Council have been chiming in about.

Aaron Proctor continues his address so eloquently that despite his appearance, his clear and logical views pleasantly surprised me:

I've heard it all before. "You're just another one of those California liberals, masquerading as a Democrat when you're really another Pinko Commie." OK - well, maybe words not that harsh and Archie Bunker-esque - but you catch my drift. I've even been told that there's a greater disconnection between me and the voters and it doesn't even have to do with the issues I bring to the table. Yeah, I know I wear eyeliner and really don't own a suit. I know I may look like someone who doesn't even belong in politics. Isn't that what this City, this state, and this country need, though? Someone you know you can trust because they don't even look like a politician. When it comes down to it - the eye-makeup wearing 25 year old "Goth" that I am and the 68-year-old (hey, I found out he's NOT 170 years old) avid bicyclist with the staid image that the Mayor is - we're both human beings.

There are many avenues to take with a legal career.

A Summary of Aaron Proctor's Views:

The War in Iraq: He is against the war in Iraq and has vowed that if elected he will introduce a declaration stating that the City of Pasadena opposes the war in Iraq and insists on an immediate end of the warfare.

Rent Control: It's absolutely important to make sure landlords do not impose rent increases that force the elderly and the less fortunate to move.

Decriminalization of Marijuana: End Marijuana Prohibition

Aaron Proctor is the right choice for the home of the Tournament of Roses. He can bring the changes that the city needs and he will recognize all of its citizens. What better role model can a teenager have than someone who will show them that education is the key to success?

He believes that hard work and standing up for others is the justly path of personal achievement.

Pasadena needs Aaron Proctor because he cares about the city and he is demonstrating to the masses that a person does not need to own a three hundred dollar suit in order to care or be considered seriously.
What do you think? Will you support the tired old ways that continually fail the best interest of Pasadenians or will you embrace a new approach from someone who stands by his convictions? To read more about Aaron Proctor and the electoral candidate's views visit Proctor For Mayor.

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